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Cosmic Intentions - 18 kort med liten guidebok

275 SEK
150 SEK

18 kort på tjock kartong, baksidan är designad så att du kan göra små egna noteringar om korten. 

Liten guidebok kommer med korten med små förklaringar.

18 cards in DIN A7 format (7.4 x 10.5 cm) printed in the offset process.Finn cardboard is made of high quality natural paper and about 0.2 mm thick.Similar to unbleached recycling papers, the cardboard may have small irregularities through paper fibers.

The cards are designed on the back so that they can also be described as a greeting card.

The set is a small booklet with description of the Cards.

The cover on the packaging was shaped with gold foil.

Language: English

Color: Dusty Peach

When we Make an intention Our Priority is, It All Falls Into Place.This set with 18 cards wants to encourage you and strengthen,to bring the best in you.

Made in Germany