Dream reading cards, Rose Inserra

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An accurate, intuitive self-help tool in helping people face real-life issues through dream meaning!

This gorgeous set of 52 cards plus booklet by international bestselling dream author Rose Inserra will guide you through the symbolic world of dreams. These are a practical set of cards, using a step-by-step guide of emotions surfacing from dreams and what to do about them in waking life. There are 22 Theme cards that offer interpretations of the most common dream scenarios, from flying to intimacy. The 30 Oracle cards and accompanying guidebook then help the reader interpret the messages from the Theme cards (the subconscious mind) and give valuable insights into their personal life. Includes an easy-to-follow guidebook that allows the reader to interpret their own dreams and those of their friends and family.


This deck includes one set of 22 dream cards and one of 30 oracle cards. The dream cards represent the most common dreams we all share universally. Each dream gives possible explanations of the dream meaning. The oracle cards assist the user to gain further insight into the dreams and apply the wisdom found in these cards.

Dream cards and Oracle cards


ANIMALS in your dreams are symbols of your instincts and habits.

Themes: domestic, wild, being attacked, chased, bitten, taming, running away from, enjoying the company of, releasing or rescuing an animal, zoo

Animals represent your instinctive nature, your personality and habits. Usually a domestic animal symbolizes the familiar and predictable habits you have and so indicates that you are feeling content in your waking life. Wild animals, however, represent an uncontrollable force—the wild and unpredictable parts of yourself.


‘Do not be satisfied with the stories that

come before you. Unfold your own myth.’

You are about to embark on inner and outer journeys. Prepare for adventure. The destination is not evident, but you are getting ready for the next phase of your life. Be prepared for an eventful traveling experience, and risk getting lost or taking the scenic route with the full knowledge that you will reach your destination one way or another.


‘Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.’

All is unfolding as it should. The timing is just right for your dreams, desires and goals to manifest. You’ve put in the hard work and now it’s time to reap rewards. Just like a garden, you’ve planted the seeds of hope, tilled and watered the soil with love and care, and now you will enjoy the fruits of your labours.

How to use the cards

From the 22 dream cards, choose all the main images you can recall from your dream. Lay them out in front of you. Don’t worry if you have not recorded your dream on paper. You may choose a combination of dream cards. Read the definition in the booklet on dream cards for each image. The oracle cards offer insight into the meaning of your dreams and how to action the dream—what to do about it, other than simply understanding what it means.