Journal, The sacred veil, Danielle Noel

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Underbar skrivbok från Danielle Noel. Perfekt att använda som dagbok.

A powerful symbol representing the hidden wisdom of Nature and Creation - the veil of Isis initiates those who hear the whispers of its magic.

Steeped in the ancient mystery of teachings of the priestess lineages of the ages, this celestial motif has also been venerated throughout many origins: from the ancient Egyptian, Universal Isis, Artemis of Ephesus, the triple Goddess and Magdalene path, and the great Cosmic Mother.'

So much love went into this journal. The guided pages and details of this book have been specially designed with the intention of bringing a passion for journaling into one supportive space - to help awaken your imagination and nourish your dreams.

Throughout the book are also splashes of artwork to color your senses and soothe your heart.