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Moonology Diary 2021

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Tune in to the magic of the Moon with this stunning diary! Work with the lunar cycle to set intentions, manifest your goals and make 2021 your year!

Some of the most intense astrology we've seen for a while is coming our way in 2021. It's the year of the Great Conjunction, a huge event in the astrological calendar and the perfect time to make big shifts, break free of whatever has been holding you back and create some real magic in your life.

In this diary, you'll discover:

     how to work with the rare energies of 2021

     all the details of the key lunar events of this year

     how the four eclipses, four Super Moons and one Blue Moon will affect you

     powerful affirmations and guidance about harnessing the possibilities at each New and Full Moon

This diary is your compass to navigate this year of big breakthroughs, consciously and intentionally. With the magical Moon as your guide, you can push through any obstacle, achieve your goals and manifest a life of joy!

Magical Months

Plan and predict the months ahead in accordance with the phases of the Moon, and learn how to work with each lunation and amplify the respective energies at play – for gratitude, manifestation, forgiveness and much more.

Moonology Diary 2021

Empower Your Intentions

Channel your ambitions to set yearly and monthly goals. Take inspiration from the exciting lunar and astrological events of the year ahead and map out how you’re going to consciously create the life of your dreams in 2021.

Moonology Diary 2021

Daily Insights

Work with this incredibly special tool to connect to the power of the Moon. Understand how the changing flow of astrological energies will affect your everyday life as you use this weekly planner to chart important events.