Tarot de Carlotydes,

250 SEK

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  • The Fournier Carlotydes Tarot Deck: Carlotydes Tarot is a fresh and current tarot but brings back the essence of the classic tarot through seemingly simple and serene drawings but loaded with detail and symbology.
  • Tarot Deck of 78 Cards
  • Tarot of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana
  • Printed on exclusive 330 g coated laminated paper and coated in our high durability aqueous varnish
  • Case made of high-quality polychrome cardboard
  • Tarot printed in Spain
  • Includes Card Laying and Tarot Reading Initiation Manual [English language not guaranteed]

Tarot de Carlotydes applies a fresh approach to classic tarot images for a deck that blends contemporary and vintage aesthetics. Illustrator Carlota Santos re-envisions iconic characters from a variety of cultures and historical periods, drawing inspiration from Celtic Paganism, Imperial Russia, Caribbean Santeria, Middle Ages, and more. In this deck originally published by Fournier, each of the 78 cards is loaded with traditional symbols to inspire a nostalgic feeling and promote a deeper, more meaningful experience during readings.