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The Starchild Tarot - 1st Edition - CLASSIC BOX

595 SEK

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Welcome to The Starchild Tarot - 1st edition, redux 

Are you a seeker who feels a connection to the stars? Have you experienced dreams or distant memories that call out from another time and place. Are you hoping to awaken or support your intuition? 

The Original CLASSIC turquoise edition, and the newly released Rose Portal edition from an earlier drafted design. Each deck comes with the same cards and guidebook. 

Each deck also includes:

  • 78 cards - including the Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana of the four suits (Wands, Crystals (pentacles), Swords, Cups)
  • 5 x 3 inch cards with white borders
  • A sturdy two-piece box with embossed details
  • 400 GSM card stock with a satin matte finish
  • Antique-style gold matte gilding