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About Tisserand

We combine tradition, science and performance to bring you products to enhance your wellbeing so you can feel your best every day.

Tradition – Essential Oils have been used for millennia to help ease everyday ailments for mind and body. We create products that utilise this heritage and are inspired by these traditions, while ensuring we provide solutions to benefit our fast-paced modern lives.

Science – Essential Oils affect our olfactory bulb, which is a component of the limbic system. This system is involved in the processing of our emotions, survival instincts and memory formation and is one of the oldest parts of our brain. Our blending oils and wash products contain omegas, antioxidants and vitamins which are proven to support skin health in topical application.

Performance – Our products are formulated with safe yet optimal levels of essential oils for each type of application, so you can get the best results. Our knowledge of Essential Oils enables us to create expertly blended products to best support your wellbeing for mind and body. We sometimes carry out panel tests on our products and the results speak for themselves!

Our Finest Quality Promise:

We understand Essential Oils like no other & never compromise on quality, using only 100% natural pure essential oils. From sourcing to blending, our expertise & integrity ensure you can trust in our knowledge & explore the benefits of aromatherapy with the finest oils.

We only work with responsible partners who meet our high ethical and quality standards.

Its what’s inside:

Our Ingredients

Sourced from around the world, all our essential oils are 100% pure organic, wild crafted or ethically harvested and this is clearly stated on each of our oils. But what’s the difference?

Organic – We only use the Soil Association Organic accreditation on products when the ingredients are 100% organic. This applies not only to our essential oils, but all our products from our pre-blended Wellbeing collection to our bath & body products. We would never claim a product or ingredient as organic unless it is 100%.

Certified organic essential oils are derived from plants that have been grown without the use of man-made fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Instead, it uses ecosystem management methods to maintain the health of both plant and soil instead, guaranteeing there are no inputs such as genetic modification or irradiation. The benefits of organic agriculture include no pollution of the local air or groundwater and no synthetic chemicals in the plant or its essential oil, while maintaining the viability of the local environment. International standards are set by IFOAM (the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), which also accredits many certifying bodies, for example the Soil Association or French Ecocert.

Wild Crafted – Wild crafted essential oils are derived from plants that are not cultivated, but are gathered from their wild habitat. Although they are not organic, they are grown in their natural habitat, in conditions favourable to the health of the plant. Care is also taken to remain as sustainable as possible.

Ethically Harvested – An ethically harvested essential oil is derived from a herb, shrub or tree that is consciously cultivated in its natural environment to ensure the species grows in abundance and is not depleted. As far as aromatic plants are concerned, species depletion is only rarely a problem with herbs (which are mostly easy to grow in quantity) but tends to be more of an issue with slow-growing trees.

Many of our smaller, more remote partners hold similar ethical and quality standards as the organic farms we work with, but some simply can’t afford to ‘make it official’. We recognise this and do our best to assure you of the quality you are receiving with your Ethically Harvested and Wild Crafted products.

We test all our products on ourselves to ensure you are getting the best quality, most efficacious and enjoyable-to-use products. We are, and have always been against animal testing.

Choice for you, guidance from us

Aromatherapy and wellbeing is personal to each and every one of us, which is what makes it so exciting! That’s why we ensure we bring you choice when it comes to essential oils. Prefer Rose Absolute to Rose Otto? Do you like your Cedarwood to be Atlas not Virginian? No problem. We use our expertise to guide you in the right direction and ensure you are using the oils safely, but ultimately, we encourage you to blend to your individual taste and needs.

To ensure you always know what’s inside, we list the full botanical name on our Essential Oils, so you always know you are getting nothing more or less than your selected 100% natural pure essential oil.