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Let go, mini inspiration cards

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Allow yourself space to let go and grow.

These gorgeous Let Go mini affirmation cards combine the power of intuition with creative energy to allow yourself rest and resolution from that which hinders your creative path. Use the cards as daily guidance to focus your energy and efforts to better self-reflection and self-development. In a world where our attention is constantly fixed to the digital tech-sphere these cards allow yourself space to connect with your inner self and energy, consider the card you choose and how it relates to yourself in that moment. How can you better your life and spirit?

Let Go

Flow with your body.

A river flows through you when you let go

Open your mind to new possibilities.

Dismiss thoughts that don’t lead to the garden of infinite possibilities

Aim straight, aim strong.

If you don’t release the arrow your aim is all for nothing. Aim straight and shoot the arrow.

Glass half full, or half empty?

Your glass is always refillable. Flow like water instead of holding on to perceptions.

How to Use the Cards

These cards are perfect for elevating your mental perspective throughout each day, so keep them handy to periodically refresh your mind. Before you draw a card, take a nice deep inhale and a lovely long exhale. Mentally say, ‘I let go of that which no longer serves my creative destiny.’ Choose a card from the box or spread the cards out with the images facing up and select the first illustration you are drawn to.