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Tarot cards of modern goddesses, Cecilia Lattari

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A Manifesto Tarot deck for reading your inner self, using the inspirations of ancient goddesses who speak through modern goddesses - iconic women capable of changing the world with their energy and spiritual power. A veritable tool for women's empowerment, for divination and for identifying  new, brilliant meanings in your daily life.

Every woman is a goddess imbued with the power of the Divine Feminine, realized through a lineage of famous females both historical and mythical. This gorgeous deck, stunningly illustrated by internationally famous artist Petra Braun, looks at the classic Rider-Waite tarot through the lens of these goddesses. Instead of the chaotic destructive force of The Tower, we have the beautiful and terrifying Hindu goddess Kali. Instead of The Empress, we have Hawaiian deity Pele, luxuriously clothed in flame.

These boldly painted cards are an excellent way to call upon the goddesses when asking questions of yourself, your loved ones, and this world.