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Voice of the souls oracle, Isabelle Cerf

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Psychic ability is natural, enabling you to contact your spirit guides and souls "on the other side". With this oracle, you will be able to develop your own intuitive abilities and use this deck as a positive prop to connect with the souls that have important messages to communicate to you.

Through the magic in the cards' superb illustrations, and using the 176-page booklet, you will learn to increase your psychic power, gain confidence in your feelings, receive inspiring messages for your evolution, and develop your spiritual skills.

The Voice of the Souls Oracle aims to help you encounter three different souls: your own, your spirit guides, and other souls. The book includes QR codes for guided meditations to connect to your psychic abilities. With this oracle as your guide, you will open to the souls that have messages to communicate to you to empower your spiritual awakening.

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Isabelle Cerf is a true lightworker, with a degree in psychology. Through her work as an author and speaker, she has been putting her spiritual abilities at the service of others for many years to help people connect to themselves and to their higher purpose.

Isabelle looks to create tools enabling people to be as empowered as possible in their efforts towards spiritual awakening. She has bestselling books and decks in France.

Daphna Sebbane is an American illustrator who lives in Austin, Texas. She draws inspiration from Californian culture, the occult, and mysticism