Aromalampa, blomma creme

159 SEK

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This sweet little burner features a unique floral pattern around the sides. Also depicting a chunky bumblebee among the foliage at the back of the burner, the top features an open flower design for the wax melt dish.Simply pop your favourite wax melts or a few drops of fragrance oil with water into the flower-shaped dish at the top, and place a lit tealight candle in the open mouth of the burner. The candle will soon begin melting the wax or warming the oil and your home will be filled with your choice of fragrance.Please place your wax melt burner on a heatproof surface at all times and wait for the burner and any wax or oil to completely cool before touching. Dimensionswidth 8.5cm x height 9.5cm x depth 9cm