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Crystals for Beginners cards, Judy Hall

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Såå himla fina kort Judy Hall har skapat, jag skulle vilja säga att den inte vänder sig endast till nybörjare utsn fungerar även utmärkt för dig som har hållt på med kristaller en längre tid ♡

From the bestselling author of The Crystal Bible comes a beautiful box of 50 illustrated crystal cards. Crystals for Beginners introduces the unique properties of 50 crystals and how they can heal your mind, body and soul.
Each card features a photographic image of the crystal, an outline of its principal benefits, and advice on how it can be used to improve your well-being.

With a booklet containing a concise introduction to working with the cards as well as practical techniques to try, this deck is the perfect entry into the world of crystal healing.
Tap into the power of the deck to enhance your life.

Crystal cards for the mind include: Ametrine, Blue Lace Agate, Citrine and Malachite
Crystal cards for the body include: Amber, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian and Jade
Crystal cards for the spirit include: Aqumarine, Black Obsidian, Celestite and Labradorite