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Daily rituals oracle cards

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Bring intention and ritual into your daily life with the Daily Rituals Oracle

Start your day with a daily ritual. This immersive 36-card deck has been created to help you bring intention and ritual into your day. The goddesses who have been described in the cards will help elevate your daily routines into rituals and create mindfulness practices out of the mundane.

The text accompanying each card contains a mantra (affirmation), message and ritual you can connect to and practise with mindfulness and intention.

The Daily Ritual Oracle cards


I am abundant; endless abundance flows through me.

Are you open to seeing abundance make its way into your life? What would it look like for you to feel more abundant in your business, work, relationships, health and finances? This card is here to remind you that abundance is available to you if you believe it to be.


I tip the scales of balance in my favour.

Where do you feel like you’re tipping the scales of balance? This card signals that you may be burning the candle at both ends and it’s time to make changes. Are you working too much, lacking sleep or consuming an unhealthy diet? Are you practising stillness or filling your days to the brim? Take some time to look at your lifestyle and address any imbalances.


I love and respect my body. I take this time to honour it.

There are many ways to practise kindness, but this card serves as a reminder to practise appreciation and respect for yourself and your body. Today, work to replace any negative thoughts or emotions you have for your body with gratitude and love.

Using your Daily Rituals Oracle cards

Shuffle the Daily Ritual Oracle cards with the illustrations facing down. Ask yourself: ‘What is the ritual I need the most today?’ You may find that a card flies out from the deck or that your intuition guides you to choose one particular card.

Display your chosen goddess card around your home or workspace in a position where you will see it constantly throughout your day: it’s a visual reminder of the day’s daily practice ritual