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My first magic oracle

245 SEK

Use this magical oracle to discuss your children’s fears with them in a playful, imaginative way. My First Magic Oracle consists of forty-two magical cards and a ninety-six page guidebook to help your child get to know themselves better and find answers. These cards will help them live in the present and create their future, as well as the life of their dreams. This oracle will help them find the answers to any life questions. They can use it at any time in their daily life, as soon as they feel the need.
On each card there are cute images, and there are encouraging messages in each card description in the guidebook. These cards don’t predict the future, but they help your child know themselves better and find the necessary resources to live better.
In this oracle, the cards will often mention “magical friends.” These friends can take on any form that feels right. They represent an invisible force that you can feel around or inside you. That force can be the Spirit of Nature, for instance, or an extraordinary animal, a fantastic creature, an angel, or a powerful invisible force such as the Universe.